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Godfrey Gao for Men’s Uno - May 2014

The Lord is good

Their nicknames

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Seohyun Instyle Magazine September ’14

140820 Celebrity Chef Has Arrived Ep 1:

Yixing felt that the roast beef dish he made was too hard to chew as he had wrongly chosen the toughest part of the beef for his dish. Is the judge too generous, or are you too humble? Whatever it is, keep improving bb <3

pt. 2

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Yoona for W Korea, 2014 September Issue

wendy at 140815 smtown in seoul ft. luna, henry, & chen
(。・ω・。) hostess miyuki
Not everything has to have avocado.


you’re wrong. avocado for every meal, put avocado on top of the avocado and sprinkle with avocado.

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Nogizaka46’s 10th single senbatsu is pictured above. Ikuta Erika, who just came back from her break, is this single’s center. 

Another interesting thing to note is Saito Chiharu’s position. After being an under member for 9 singles, Saito became part of this single’s senbatsu.

1st row:Matsui Rena / Shiraishi Mai / Ikuta Erika / Nishino Nanase / Hashimoto Nanami
2nd row:Matsumura Sayuri / Akimoto Manatsu / Ikoma Rina / Sakurai Reika / Fukagawa Mai
3rd row:Eto Misa / Wakatsuki Yumi / Hori Miona / Hoshino Minami / Takayama Kazumi / Saito Chiharu

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"I’m in charge of beauty"